E-mail Marketing

Want to approach your customers in a more customized way? Email marketing is surely going to lead you towards your customers in a personalized manner. Email marketing is one of the most essential elements of internet marketing services. Whether you are a giant business, medium enterprise, or a small startup, Email marketing is one way to communicate personally with your clients. We at TheDigitalTag.com devise strategies to keep your customers informed about your business or brand through successful email campaigns.

Why do I need to have Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an easy way to approach mobile users which comprises greater portion of your target market. According to a report by Pew research, more than 50% of US cell phone owners check emails on their mobiles. This trend is easily generalized in other countries like Pakistan where Smartphone users are growing every day. Hence, with email marketing you can easily convey your message in detail to your mobile customer as -Emails are easy to read on mobile phones. -They are free of cost for the consumer. – You have more space to market your content as compared to text message.


What do we offer in Email Marketing?

We can easily create, design and run your whole Email campaign according to your business goals. We have access to powerful tools that can help in building effective and interesting emails that can attract user’s attention.

Email Templates

We can offer you variety of templates to choose from to customize it according to your business approach or as per your contacts data.

Contact Management

We have efficient tools to upload your contacts list and easily manage your portfolio by updating about bounces, unsubscribes and inactive emails.

Real-time Insights

We will run various campaign structures to give you the results on which type of campaign are suitable for you. You will be acknowledged about progress reports, activity streams and on-going trends to devise your next strategy.

Mobile Friendly

We ensure to design emails that are easy to view on mobiles and thus we tailor made them as per your target mobile users. The emails are designed keeping in mind the mobile trends of users and with complete analysis of their mobile activities.